An Intro to the Author

My name is Ffion, I’m a 22 year old Contour Fashion student and to put it simply – I adore lingerie.

I started a fashion degree in South Wales, and was 2 years into the degree when I realised all I ever did was figure out how to change a womenswear design brief into a contour design brief. All my work was related to lingerie, it dug its little fingers into the groundwork of my research and never let go. I designed a shirt with a mandarin collar whose structure was based around victorian corsetry, I wrote whole essays on edwardian corsetry, sewed triangle bras at home and developed my own patterns, and ran a blog dedicated to vintage lingerie.

Through my partner, I discovered the contour course at De Montfort. I spent hours researching the university, poring over the graduate collection images and creeping on Karolina Laskowska’s posts on The Lingerie Addict blog, and feverishly crossing my fingers and toes hoping I could transfer.

When I finally got confirmation in September of my approved place on the Contour course, I cried. I got the phone call I’d been waiting weeks for, and was told they’d be delighted to have me. I feel (as cliché as it sounds) as though I’d started the first day of the rest of my life, and I’m still excited to be learning about this constantly evolving and seemingly inaccessible art form.

This blog marks the beginning of my journey, and how over the next 3 years I’ll develop as a designer, and a lover of lingerie.

An Intro to the Author

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